Educational Offer - Jimmy Nelson - Humanity

From 20/09/2023 to 21/01/2024

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Let’s Celebrate Cultural Diversity with Jimmy Nelson

As part of the visit to Jimmy Nelson’s exhibition at Palazzo Reale Humanity, the Jimmy Nelson Foundation is providing additional materials for school and family parties to explore interactively into the topics of cultural diversity, inclusivity, and preservation. Jimmy Nelson’s work focuses on Indigenous communities worldwide, providing glimpses into the daily lives of people with unique lifestyles, different from urban, globalized societies, as well as from each other. Through the lens of the artist, his photographs celebrate the incredible diversity of human cultures, encouraging discussions and learning about Indigenous peoples – their lives, challenges, and hopes for the future. By celebrating this diversity, Jimmy Nelson sparks important conversations about the significance of safeguarding the remarkable tapestry of cultures that face threats from the modern world and global climate change. 

There is much to discover about the interconnectedness of humanity – how the lives of people who appear different and live far away from us still relate to our own and viceversa, and how we can contemplate “humanity” as one large family, sharing a common past and a common future.

The flier. At the ticket office, families with children and school groups are given a flier per each child. The flier comes as a folded A3 sheet, with a colored poster on one side and a navigation game on the other. Educators, comprising teachers, group leaders and parents, can download this “educators’ package” on their smartphones or tablets through a QR code, to guide and facilitate discussions while visiting the exhibition and beyond.

The Humanity Game offers 7 stations designed to actively engage younger audiences during their visit. Each station highlights one artwork per room, prompting discussions and inspiring questions about cultures, Indigenous peoples, the significance of preserving intangible heritage, and humanity’s shared African origins. Jimmy Nelson’s artworks encourage everyone to “see the world with new eyes” conveying an educational message that empowers through emphasizing the commonality and beauty of all humanity. This overarching message is beautifully encapsulated by the slogan “WE ARE ONE HUMANITY”, as featured in the poster title. Above Europe, there is a blank rectangular space, inviting children to add their own photo and become part of the global family of humanity. Regardless of where anyone is born or lives, we are all humans deeply interconnected with one another.